About Us

illustration of women exercising and eating well

Why overthink healthy when you can keep it simple?

Our Mission

We help adults who overthink their options for healthy living to keep it simple so they can confidently improve their health, while still enjoying the foods they love.

Our Vision

To create a community where people take a more relaxed approach to healthy living that balances physical health, emotional wellness, and delicious food.

Our Promises

  1. You will walk-out of our virtual events knowing your next step to manage your health and wellness. When you consistently focus on the next right step, you will improve your health and become more confident and comfortable.
  2. Our programs are engaging and evidence-based relying on behavior change theory, motivational interviewing, and health condition management strategies.
  3. Your coaches are credible, experienced, and state-licensed or nationally-certified as health professionals.
  4. No MLM sales or self-proclaimed “coaches.”

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Our Values

  • Science, Humor, and Delicious Food.
  • Improving Health by Breaking the Typical Dieting “Rules.”
  • Building Community by Embracing Uniqueness and Honoring Diversity & Inclusion. Black Lives Matter. Love is Love. All bodies are good bodies.

Meet The Team

Our Founder

Alexia Lewis


Illustrated photo of Alexia

Alexia may be a lot like you because she has struggled with her weight since her teen years. At 37, she survived a heart attack. Then she had to learn to cook and figure out how to balance a healthy lifestyle with work and family. She turned to education to learn to avoid the BS and to keep herself honest. Alexia still struggles with her weight and is working to be a more mindful and intuitive eater. Until then, she is a macro-counter, loves to lift weights, do yoga, and run – when her body will allow her to move that way.

Certifications & Education

Alexia has coached, counseled, cooked, sweat, and learned and laughed alongside thousands of people to improve their nutrition and lifestyle habits, break their food rules, and shut down their inner critic to improve their health and weight.

She has worked creating health and wellness content and coaching for two population health management companies, counseling in private practice and as a university wellness dietitian, and taught as an adjunct instructor. She continues to give back to her profession as a preceptor for master’s level dietetic interns and undergraduate nutrition students.

Alexia has been a guest on local news shows and quoted as an expert for Shape Magazine Online, Weight Watchers online, and My Fitness Pal. She has also written articles for 904 Fitness Magazine and the Jacksonville Times Union newspaper, has co-authored one book, and self-publishing two e-books. She is media trained and been speaking publicly since 2006. You can learn more about Alexia on her website.