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Coffee and Heart Health: Starbucks® Oleato™

This week, I got an email that Starbucks® has just launched a new line of coffee in my area. These coffees, called Oleato™, are made from arabica coffee beans and extra virgin olive oil. Are these a good choice for your heart health?

Surprising Salty Foods

Do you focus on the salt shaker when you want to reduce the salty foods in your diet?

You are not alone if you believe skipping the salt shaker is enough to keep your salt intake low.

But what is surprising is that is not the main source of salt in your foods.…

2022 Cooking Classes

Tentative schedule of online cooking classes for 2022. Date and time don’t work for you? Sign up and you will get a link to a recording if you miss the class. Recordings are sent within 24 hours and remain available for you to watch for two weeks. Want to see a class that’s already been…

Flavoring Your Foods with Less Salt

Do you think eating low sodium means bland boring foods? No way. that will never work, and we both know it.

Let’s talk about how you can reduce the salt in your diet and still enjoy delicious and flavorful foods that you love.


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