Health Coaching

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Health and Wellness Coaching for Individuals.
Improve your lifestyle choices around nutrition, exercise, sleep, or stress.
Manage weight or chronic conditions.

Imagine being healthy, confident, and comfortable in your body while still enjoying your favorite foods. Our specialty is working with those who are newly diagnosed with a chronic health condition or are ready to stop dieting and focus on health instead of weight. 

Can you relate?

  • You got told you have a chronic health condition and have no idea what to do.
  • You jump from diet to diet or from exercise plan to exercise plan searching for the right one, but none of them last for long.
  • You can’t be happy until you reach a certain weight or size.
  • Your doctor won’t be happy until you bring your lab values down.
  • You get more and more confused since everyone says something different about healthy living.

It’s not supposed to be so darn difficult to be healthy, to be confident about your lifestyle choices, and to be comfortable in your body.

Don’t you wish someone would just keep it simple for you?

It is time for you to break all those ridiculous rules the diet and wellness industries have told you to follow. You know these only set you up to have an unhealthy relationship with food, exercise, and self-care. But you don’t know what else to do.

There is another way.

Isn’t what you really want to:

  • Stop the struggle and confusion
  • Stop being afraid of food
  • Stop all those strict, unrealistic rules that break your confidence and make you hate your body

We got you. Together, let’s create a life where you are happy and comfortable in your body, can watch your health and weight improve, and are able to eat when you are hungry and rest when you need a break.

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  • All coaching and programs are evidence-based and use behavior change theory, motivational interviewing, and health condition management strategies.
  • Your coach is guaranteed to be credible, experienced, and state-licensed or nationally certified as a health professional. No products, no supplements, and no MLM “coaches.”
  • During sessions, we come up with experiments based on actionable, realistic goals and plans so you know exactly what step you will take next with every session.
  • Your habits and thinking start to change as your find which experiments work and you celebrate reaching your first small goals.
  • Your confidence grows from seeing yourself succeed.
  • You meet your goals with us or have the tools you need to finish your journey on your own.
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“I am excited to say that all my numbers are looking good. My A1c dropped from 11.9 to 5.7 in the past three months. Thank you for your help and encouragement. It has truly changed my life working with you.”

C.S., Coaching Client, Florida

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Get Started
This is perfect for checking us out before you commit.

Join one of our scheduled monthly events (cooking class or webinar workshop) or join a no-cost challenge to get a feel for our style. You can also book one coaching call at full cost if you just have a couple of very specific questions.

There is no long-term commitment.

Coaching Packages
Packages bundle 4-sessions because real change doesn’t happen with one conversation.

Choose from a customized package where your needs drive the sessions or book a structured package.

Structured packages include Meal Planning Package or Healthy Heart Package. You can also choose any Coaching Program (below) as an individual coaching package.

You may benefit from one 4-session package, but many clients book multiple packages until they feel ready to move into our Monthly Coaching Membership.


  • 20% off the Initial Package
  • Text access to your coach between sessions
Coaching Programs
Join a group class or on-demand self-paced program on a specific topic.

Longer programs with a specific focus include our signature Love Yourself Healthy Plan and our Six Week to Macro Pro program.

We also offer online DIY courses, such as our Keeping Meal Planning Simple Program

Monthly Coaching Membership
Available to clients who complete a program or package.

Join the membership to stay grandfathered in at your current rates and get one coaching session each month for accountability, support, and to plan for challenges. Schedule additional sessions as needed. Keep text access to your coach and enjoy additional discounts.

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You deserve to feel confident about your food choices, your activity choices, your body, and your health.

Stop suffering through hunger, choking down kale, exercising for hours, and using a grin-and-bear-it approach to follow programs that you know aren’t right for you.

Benefit from evidence-based programs and coaching from credible, experienced, and licensed health professionals.

Enjoy simplicity, flexibility and focus so you can boost your confidence with an approach that sets you up for success to reach your health goals.

Hi! I’m Alexia, Founder of KHSC

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I survived a heart attack at 37. Afterwards, I was scared the wrong choices would put me back in the hospital.

I once spent 15 minutes reading yogurt food labels for the one with the least amount of sodium, only to put them all back on the shelf because they all had too much salt. I was too worried to eat out, too critical of convenience foods, and unable to cook a proper meal at home.

I navigated this confusing time by diving head-first down the rabbit-hole of education. Now, my mission is keeping healthy simple so you can stop worrying about the small details that really don’t matter and improve your health.

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