Corporate Wellness

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Start your workplace wellness program without breaking the bank.
Your employees stay energized, engaged, healthy, and productive.
You are on track to become a “Best Place to Work.”

As a small or new business, you already have enough to figure out when starting to bring on employees. You want to build a healthy workplace wellness culture from the start and make sure your employees stay well and know they are valued.

Does starting your worksite wellness program have you feeling like this?

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We got you. Together, let’s create a workplace with a happy and healthy culture where your employees know they are valued and appreciated.

Worksite wellness programs can help you to:

  • Create a workplace culture that values health and work-life balance
  • Increase job satisfaction, morale, and happiness
  • Boost your employees’ energy, ideas, and productivity
  • Have less absenteeism, presenteeism, and turnover
  • And just maybe, have some fun
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Picture of Culinary Instructor during virtual cooking class

I was surprised by the level of participation of the audience. The Keeping Healthy Simple Club was very professional in all aspects of the event from booking to presentation.

M. Jovel with Millennium Enterprises Inc./Millennium Health & Fitness

Topics Offered

You can host a virtual one-time event or bring in a program with multiple sessions. Topics can be customized. In-person sessions can be discussed.

Cooking classes online or in-person for local clients.

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Individual coaching or medical nutrition therapy.

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Live webinars and online DIY programs.

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Weight management: non-diet and/or macros.

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  • You tell us your employee health concerns and work-life struggles. Your employees tell us what type of wellness programs and events they want.
  • All programs are evidence-based and use behavior change theory, motivational interviewing, and health condition management strategies.
  • Your coach is guaranteed to be credible, experienced, and state-licensed or nationally certified as a health professional. No products, no supplements, and no MLM “coaches.”
  • Wellness sessions and challenges are fun, actionable, realistic, and give real-world flexible plans. Your employees get just enough information, so they don’t leave overwhelmed or confused.
  • We boost your employees’ confidence using an approach that sets them up for success. Their habits and thinking start to change as they experiment with new ideas and see themselves meeting their goals. As their wellness improves, their energy and productivity improves.
  • Your employees appreciate you and the company more.
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Turkey Meatballs and Cauliflower Mash in Meal Prep Containers

What surprised me most was how seamless the virtual cooking class appeared. If you are considering booking a class or workshop, do it!

Kimberly L., after 3 virtual corporate wellness cook-along classes

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Compare Your Options

Get Started
This is perfect for checking us out before you commit or as a way to control costs as your business grows.

Join our scheduled events with purchased discount codes for your employees to use as needed.

There is no long-term commitment or expensive wellness program start-up costs.

Ramp Up
Bring a coach in for one workshop or for a longer program or challenge on your schedule with topics that will be the most impactful for your employees.

Bring your employees the topics and classes they want on your schedule with a multiple-session program or series because improving health takes more than one workshop.

Bonus! You get the session recording and any workbooks or recipes for your employees to access after the live events.

Go All In
Customize a year of regularly scheduled wellness programming to address your biggest population health concerns.

Schedule the topics you want when you want them.

Bonus! In addition to recordings and workbooks, you also get a monthly Q&A and group support session for your employees and can offer them individual sessions to meet with a coach, personal trainer, or dietitian/nutritionist.

FeatureGet StartedRamp UpGo All In
No Commitment or ObligationX
Host Workshops on your ScheduleXX
Choose the Topics and ClassesXX
Multi-Session Programs and ChallengesXX
Session Video RecordingsXX
PDF Program MaterialsXX
Design Program or Challenge
Focused on Your Employee Needs
Monthly Group Q&A Sessions with a CoachX
Individual Employee Sessions with a CoachX
Materials Available AfterUp to 3 months
depending on program length,
we host
In perpetuity,
you host

We can help you build wellness benefits into your company from the start so you can create a culture of happy, healthy, engaged employees. Show your employees you are invested in their health, wellness, and happiness.

If This Sounds Familiar…

  • You feel like your employees are struggling to balance work, home, and health.
  • You have visibly seen productivity drop when your employees hit that 3pm wall.
  • You don’t want to bring in more of those same-old boring wellness lectures where everyone leaves with information overload and no idea what to actually do next.
  • You have been hearing stories about people turning down jobs because companies focused more on the company’s “bottom line” than on their people and perks.
  • You wished there was a way to help your employees so you could see them happy and healthy while you also reduce presenteeism, absenteeism, and turnover.

We guarantee your employees will leave our workshops and cooking classes excited and energized because they get simple, big-picture information, and know exactly what their next step is to make a meaningful change for their health and wellness.

We make and keep our promises to your employees and business.

It’s time for you to book your no-cost informational call now!

Hi! I’m Alexia, Founder of KHSC

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I survived a heart attack at 37. Afterwards, I was scared the wrong choices would put me back in the hospital.

I once spent 15 minutes reading yogurt food labels for the one with the least amount of sodium, only to put them all back on the shelf because they all had too much salt. I was too worried to eat out, too critical of convenience foods, and unable to cook a proper meal at home.

I navigated this confusing time by diving head-first down the rabbit-hole of education. Now, my mission is keeping healthy simple so you can stop worrying about the small details that really don’t matter and improve your health.

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