Overview of Services

Why Overthink Healthy When You Can Keep It Simple?


Who Do We Help?

We help your business start or grow your worksite wellness program without breaking the bank, so you can build a culture of happy, healthy, and engaged employees and be on track to become a Best Place to Work.

We specialize in working with:

– New, small businesses that recently started hiring employees
– Teams or departments within larger, established organizations
– Community groups

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We help individuals (like you!) improve health and weight, so you can be confident with your choices about nutrition, activity, and lifestyle habits and become more comfortable in your body, while still enjoying your favorite foods.

We specialize in working with:

– Adults with chronic health conditions
– Women ready to stop dieting and focus more on health than weight
– Home-cooks wanting to cook healthy, simple meals

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What Do We Offer?

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Cook with us in a monthly online cooking classes or schedule a private class.

You get a live class where you can cook along with your culinary instructor (or cook later), a recording of the class, and a PDF recipe packet that includes:

– The recipes
– Shopping & equipment list
– Steps to prepare before class if you plan to cook along
– Substitutions for common health concerns and dietary preferences
– Ideas to use any leftover ingredients

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Presentation and events on a variety of health and wellness topics available.

You get engaging, evidence-based, actionable workshops that give you just enough information, so you know your next step without information overload.

– Nutrition’s Impact on Health
– Food Label Detective: Deciphering Food Packages
– Simple Steps for Lasting Weight Loss
– Goal Getter: Set Up For Success
– Self-Care for Busy Women
– Gratitude Changes Everything

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Programs & Courses

Images from online course with the words Keeping Meal Planning Simple.

Who knew the hardest part of being an adult was figuring out what’s for dinner? You can always have an answer to “this question with our ASPIRE Strategy to keep meal planning simple.

Available as an online, self-paced course or private coaching package.

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Keeping Macros Simple

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Are your overwhelmed by meeting your macros or new to macro-tracking? Know how to stay on track with your macro targets, so you can reach your goals – without feeling hungry.

Available as a live, group program or private coaching package.

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Wellness Content

Newsletter Content

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