Season of Giving

No-cost virtual events to help you have a healthy and enjoyable holiday season.

6th Annual Gratitude Challenge starting November 17.

Self-Care for Busy Women Webinar on December 12.

Redefining Healthy Book Club starts January 3.

Image of presentation title slide with words: Make Peace with Food for the Holidays.

Make Peace with Food – Nov. 9th

You deserve to enjoy the holidays – food and all – without sabotaging your health. 

If you approach this season without a strategy, you can easily turn a few holiday meals into a seven week holiday eating season. 

Not having a holiday strategy can lead to:

  • Undoing the progress you made with your health and weight this year.
  • Making current health conditions worse.
  • Feeling guilt and shame from eating foods you love. 
  • Being uncertain, frustrated, and hopeless because it feels like you will never be able to control yourself around food.

This webinar is your invitation to let go of depriving yourself of foods you love, let go of guilt and shame around eating, and start healing your relationship with food. Learn more or RSVP…

Image of a row of women holding arms up making heart hands.

6th Annual Gratitude Challenge – Starts Nov 17

Jumpstart your gratitude practice by challenging yourself to practice gratitude every day for 7 days before Thanksgiving so you can get in the habit of focusing on the good things, before the holiday stress arrives.

This is a great starter challenge, which you can continue through the holidays and into the new year.

This challenge takes place on our Facebook page.

Image of presentation title slide with words: Self-Care for Busy Women.

Self-Care for Busy Women – Dec 12

You deserve to keep “take time for myself” on top of your To Do List.

You have a lot to do and things never seem to go as planned. It’s difficult to care for yourself when so many things demand your time and so many people want your time. But if you don’t figure something out soon, you are going to crash – and hard!

Hear this: Taking care of yourself is not selfish.

You know how you get when you have no time for yourself. It’s not pretty.

And you know how much better you can show up for your family,  your friends, and the people you see during the day when you have had time to slow down, relax, and recharge your own batteries.  

This webinar is your invitation to prioritize your self-care so you can start to feel better and show up better for others. Learn more or RSVP…

Picture of women in a row holding books with words: Redefining Healthy Book Club.

Redefining Healthy Book Club – Starts Jan 3

You deserve to be happy while you get healthy.

This is an online book club where we focus on books that help improve physical health without sacrificing mental health or asking you to miss out on a full – and delicious – life. 

Books will cover intuitive or mindful eating, body confidence and positivity, and improving health. Think of books like Body Kindness, Intuitive Eating, and Everything Fat Loss (which debunks diet culture beliefs!).

Learn more or join the book club…