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Coaching, Programs, & Classes

Taking you from knowledge to action.

Join a scheduled program or schedule a private event for your group.

Let’s get you hands-on with the how-to so you know exactly what to do and how to do it. Choose from online, self-paced (DIY) courses or live group programs. You can also schedule private classes for your group.

Services Include:

  • Private Health Coaching / Medical Nutrition Therapy
  • Online Cooking Classes
  • Keeping Meal Planning Simple
  • Keeping Macros Simple
  • No Cook to Pro Cook
  • Love Yourself Healthy
  • Chronic condition management: heart-health, diabetes/blood sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure, weight management
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Getting a personal health coach means no more BS and confusion as you lean-in to a non-diet approach or a macros-based approach and focus on holistic lifestyle changes to food, activity, stress, sleep, and mindset.

You will discover the best way for you to manage heart disease or reduce risk through improving weight, blood sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure, a sedentary lifestyle, or other lifestyle habits.

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Online Cooking Classes

Become more confident in your kitchen and reduce food waste, while you cook-along with us and make simple, delicious, and healthy meals.

Recipes will work for everyone – Swaps for common dietary concerns and preferences from our Registered Dietitian are included.

Only privately booked classes are available at this time.

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Keeping Meal Planning Simple

Who knew the hardest part of being an adult was figuring out what to eat? Our ASPIRE Strategy will make it so much simpler.

It’s time to stop following someone else’s meal plan and make your own, so it is tailored to your food preferences, your eating style, your cooking skills, your budget, and your available time. 

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Keeping Macros Simple

Stay on track to reach your goals without feeling hungry with our 3-step program to help you go from “What are macros?” to mastering your macros.

This program is for you if you are overwhelmed by meeting your macros or you are new to macro-tracking.

By the end, you will know how to stay on track to hit your macro targets, so you can reach you goals – without feeling hungry!

No Cook to Pro Cook

Save your dinners from the trash can and slash your take-out expenses by starting with the fundamentals, then sharpening your culinary skills while making simple, healthy, and delicious recipes. 

Classes are perfect for younger adults who never learned to cook and adults who want to learn some new, heart-healthy, plant-based dishes.

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Love Yourself Healthy Plan

What would happen if you loved who you saw in the mirror?

Our signature program uses a small-steps approach to food, exercise, and mindset to rebuild your confidence so you start to believe that you can keep promises to yourself.

What is really amazing is that when you start to feed your body, move with intention, and become your own cheerleader, you turn up your metabolism, have more energy, and lose weight – without guilt, starving, or fixating on the scale.  

Chronic Condition Management Courses

Coming soon!

Webinars and courses focused on managing diabetes and prediabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, weight, and heart healthy living.  

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