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What is a Strategy Session?

A Strategy Session is a call or video chat for us to talk about your health and wellness goals. The goal is for you to end the call knowing your next step. Your next step is a strategy to get closer to your goals. (That’s why we call it a Strategy Session!)

But wait, you may say, isn’t this just a fancy name for a sales call?


Sure, sometimes, your strategy will be to partner with us to work towards your goals.

But, sometimes, you may decide to go a different direction with a different strategy – that’s okay! We happily provide you with referrals to other licensed or certified health professionals who may be a better fit for your needs. 

As long as you walk away with a strategy, we are happy!

What to Expect

  • To share what you want to accomplish when it comes to your health and wellness. 
  • To hear your options for working with us that fit with your goals (but only if you want to).
  • To decide on your strategy and possible next steps to reach your goals.

What a Strategy Consultation is Not

This is not a coaching call, but we will do a little coaching to help you decide on your strategy. Which means you get a brief experience of what our coaching is like! 

This is not a guarantee that we will provide you with coaching services. We only work with people we are confident we can help and not everyone is a good fit for our approach.

This is not a high-pressure sales call. This service is offered at no cost to you, without obligation or pressure.

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