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We want to be sure you know about our affordable Keeping Meal Planning Simple online self-paced course. This will help you master meal planning, so you can plan all the things you will soon know how to cook! It’s true – the hardest part of being an adult is figuring out what to eat every day.

If you are local to Ponte Vedra, Florida and would also like to learn more about the foods you cook at home, consider taking a Personal Grocery Store Tour with our registered dietitian. This is a 60-minute session where you walk the grocery store and and talk about food and nutrition. It is personalized to your specific health and nutrition concerns. 

If you are not local, you can still talk about food during a virtual coaching session. Schedule a no-cost informational call to learn more.


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PDF Booklet: Self-Care for Busy Women with how to flip the ABC-Chain and 7 Tips to Prioritize Your Self-Care.

PDF Recipe Book: It’s Pumpkin Season! Contains 42 recipes featuring pumpkin.

PDF Booklet: 10 Tips to Reduce Food Waste.

YouTube Video: All About Peaches. Contains information to pick the perfect peach and store them at home so they stay fresh longer.