You deserve to go to bed proud of yourself

… and wake up excited to face the day because you know how to Harness the Power of your Willpower.

Are You Tired of Starting Over Again, Every Monday Morning?

There is always a good reason…

You have healthy food to to make for dinner but that just seems like so much effort. You reach for your takeout menus, telling yourself you’ll cook it tomorrow (again) and feeling like you’ll never be able to eat healthy home-cooked meals.

It’s time to put on your sneakers to do that exercise you said you would do, but you just have no energy. You tell yourself you had a hard day and deserve to relax, as you sink into the couch with a glass of wine to catch up on your shows.

Why does someone always bring cupcakes? You load your plate with veggies and side-eye the cupcakes. 10 minutes later, you wonder how a cupcake can smell so good as you trade your veggies for a cupcake and resolve to eat extra veggies tomorrow.

Picture of Alexia in her kitchen.

Hi, I’m Alexia

I’m the dietitian and health coach who founded Keeping Healthy Simple Club. We help women stop struggling with healthy living so they can be happy while they get healthy.

I’m a huge science geek about health, the body, and behavior change theory. To help my clients stop struggling with willpower, I did a deep dive on the science behind it and how to use coaching tools to increase motivation and success with building healthy habits.

Mini Coaching Program

This is a key step in being happy while you get healthy because you will never be happy if you spend your life feel deprived and hungry, spending your days focused on avoiding  temptations.

For just $97, in less than one hour with your KHSC coach, you will find out:

  • The science behind willpower, so you know when to use it and when not to
  • How to rely on willpower less often, so you can stick to your goals
  • A strategy to recover – immediately – when willpower fails you, so you can be proud of yourself when you go to bed at night

What Our Clients Say

Rating: 5 out of 5.

My KHSC coach helped me change my thinking and behavior regarding food with the result that I have lost 17 pounds [in four months]. I believe it is her kindness and compassion that encourages me to make changes that I can live with. Her sound counsel and gentle nature have helped me to gradually incorporate small changes into my life that make a big difference in my health.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Amazing support and great knowledge! My KHSC Coach really helped me figure out new habits for my lifestyle and introduced me to new ways to accomplish my goals.

Kim S.

Step 1. Book your session for just $97 using the scheduler below.

Step 2. Before your call, choose one situation where you struggle with willpower to work on with your coach during your call.

Step 3. Practice applying the willpower strategies and see the results from being consistent with your healthy habits.

Harness the Power of Your Willpower and you will know how and when to rely on willpower and have a plan for one specific time when willpower has been failing you so you can stick to your goals and be proud of yourself on Monday mornings… all in less than one hour.

  • One 45-60 minute mini-coaching session
  • One Willpower Worksheet after your session
  • Big results when you stick with healthy habits consistently over time

If you’ve got this willpower thing down and are not seeing results, check out the

Love Yourself Healthy Coaching Program

You don’t have to live your life feeling hopeless and frustrated, eating food you don’t enjoy, and dreaming of the day you finally like your body.

Are you super busy but really need to do something!