Why overthink healthy when you can keep it simple?

Health and Nutrition Coaching & Group Wellness Events

Welcome to Keeping Healthy Simple Club (TM)

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Health and Nutrition Coaching

Individual Coaching

Are you tired of second-guessing your food, activity, and lifestyle choices?

Leave the struggle behind when you partner with a KHSC Health Coach or Licensed and Registered Dietitian to improve your health and ditch the deprivation, so you fall into bed feeling proud of yourself.

It’s time to get off the sidelines and step into your best life.

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Programs & Courses

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Would you rather work at your own pace or be part of a group going through a program together?

KHSC offers online self-paced and group programs and courses on meal planning, macros, and more.

Group Wellness Events

Presentations and Workshops

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Looking for a fun, virtual event on healthy lifestyle habits or delicious food that people don’t multi-task through the entire time? KHSC offers events for:

  • Team building at work
  • Client appreciation events
  • Fitness center members
  • Medical practice patients
  • Community groups

Cooking Classes

Does it seem impossible to find recipes that are simple, delicious, and healthy?

KHSC delivers all three in virtual cook-along classes. Also included are substitutions to address common dietary concerns and suggestions to use any leftover ingredients.

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Start eating healthy today with a 7-Day Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan.

Hi! I’m Alexia.

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I survived a heart attack when I was 38 years old. After recovering, I was scared the wrong choices would put me back in the hospital.

I once spent 15 minutes reading yogurt food labels for the one with the least sodium, only to put them all back on the shelf because they all had too much salt. Yes, I was too afraid to eat the wrong thing that yogurt didn’t even make the cut.

I was too worried to eat out, too critical of convenience foods, and unable to cook a proper meal at home.

I needed answers. I went after them by diving head-first down the rabbit hole of education to learn how to live a heart-healthy lifestyle.

Over ten years of working for universities, private practices, and worksite wellness companies, I saw people struggling with their health, confused and overwhelmed. I wanted to do more than I could while working for someone else.

So, I founded KHSC in 2021 to help adults who struggle with their health to stop second-guessing themselves, so they can be confident, improve their health, and finally be proud of themselves. KHSC does this through health education, health events, and health coaching that address what to do and the motivation and mindset to get it done.

What Makes KHSC Different?

  • Credentials. Professionally licensed, nationally certified health professionals.
  • Coaching Experience. Over 12 years coaching thousands of clients – from CEOs to teachers to bus drivers.
  • Corporate Wellness. 10 years working in population health management creating health programs and training coaches.
  • We love food. You have to eat, even if your goal is weight loss.
  • We are a weight-neutral practice. You can improve your health without having the scale change at all.
  • We personalize our approach to you. There is no one-size-fits-all, best way to be healthy.
  • Passion. We love heart health and shutting down Diet Culture thinking. We can help with
    • Heart-health including high blood sugar, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and excess body weight.
    • Breaking free from Diet Culture including stopping binge eating and focusing on health over weight.
    • Other health conditions and lifestyle strategies including activity, sleep, and stress management.
    • If your goal is weight loss, we honor your goals and can help you manage your weight in a healthy and non-restrictive way.
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